Visit Saint-Emilion, classified to the Unesco World Heritage

The very charming village of Saint-Emilion is only 45mn from the city of Bordeaux

Saint-Emilion is a charming village located to the east of Bordeaux and classified on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A monk, called Emilion, who live in the 8th century, decided to settle there and to set up his own monastery. He gave his name to the town after becoming a Saint in the 11th century. Thanks to its proximity to the Dordogne River that flows past the foot of the town, and to the commercial trade that occurred on the river, the town became rapidly rich.

The undulating chalky landscape of the Saint Emilion area provides the perfect drainage to the vines. The ‘terroir’ is particularly appropriate for the Merlot grape variety that enjoys the clay (humid and fresh) soils. The wines that you will taste there are blended with a majority of Merlot: they are fruity, fresh medium-bodied and delicate.

In 1955, a classification of Saint Emilion wines was established with the idea of being revised every 10 years. Within this classification you will find some of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wines such as Chateau Cheval Blanc, Ausone and of course the famous Pétrus, located at Pomerol.