Champagne tasting workshop

Become an expert by participating in our workshops. Discover the different steps to learn how to taste Champagne like a pro...


Who doesn’t know this famous French bubbly elixir called Champagne ?

Its reputation is worldwide known and goes through every border. But… Who knows the secrets of its making process ? Who know how to taste it like Channel or Napoléon ?

With our workshops, discover all the secrets of the Champagne making process. Learn the different steps of its conception, from the harvest, going through its blending, until the ultimate step which makes every Champagne lovers’ happy : The « sabrage » ! 

Become a pro of the tasting and learn how to distinguish the different varieties of grapes of the region thanks to an olfactory workshop. At the end of the workshop, savor some French specialties to discover how to pair your Champagne with food in order to satisfy your palate better ?

Number of guests

Between 15 and 120


From 45€