Loire Valley e-bike private tour

Cycle along stunning Loire Valley for a memorable day! Whether it be with friends, family or your sweetheart,our day trips are tailored for you! You will be thrilled by the wonders of the countryside and vineyards, a genuine terroir full of passion and traditions.

The program

Biking is certaintly the best way to explore the wonderful Loire Valley far from the tourist crowd. Throughout the day, you will cycle along hidden paths and discover unique panoramic views. Put yourself in the shoes of a castle owner, listening to your guide's fascinating anecdotes! A romantic tour with your beloved one, a family adventure, or a dayout with friends, this day is yours ! You will be thrilled by the surrounding landscapes and vineyards, a terroir rich of strong traditions and passion…


This day trip can be tailored to your wishes! The program detailed below is our suggestion taken from our top customers' favorites, but we are able to fulfill any special request.


Our friendly expert guide will pick you up at your hotel and stay with you all day long to share his passion for the region, its fascinating history and iconic monuments.


Take a sec to adjust your bike, and off we go along the Loire River!


Our first stop is Château de Clos-Lucé where you will plunge into the inventive mind of Leonardo da Vinci! In 1516, following his sister Marguerite de Navarre's advice, François I, King of France, invited the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci to Amboise, where he brought his famous masterpiece: The Mona Lisa, called La Joconde in French. Discover what Clos Lucé looked like back in those days of Renaissance, and learn about the French King's admiration and total devotion to this world-famous painter, architect, and sculptor who chose to stay in Clos Lucé until his death. After this visit, enjoy an informal delightful lunch made of great local products and paired with a glass of wine... from the Loire valley of course! (Lunch not included, on request)


After your lunch, cycle along the Loire River bank for a very pleasant 6 mile ride through the vineyards. Along the way, you will admire breathtaking views of the castles, vineyards and natural beauties of the Loire Valley. Our guide will take you to the perfect sight for a well-deserved drink served with tasty bits that make a typical French aperitif: bread, local cheese and fresh charcuterie… A blissful break!


Last but not least, meet a genuine French winemaker for a private tour of his charming family-run estate! Visit the property and improve your knowledge regarding wine-making and of course wine-tasting! The terroir of this wine area allows the production of elegant and fruity red and white wines. Step by step (colour, aromas and taste) you will follow your guide's advice. With his help, learn all the tips to fully enjoy a wine and turn into a wine-expert in a blink of an eye! Time to say goodbye and bring you back to your hotel.

LANGUAGE English French
TRANSPORT train and bicycle
FOOD Included
Includes transportation, guide, château entrances, tastings, and a lot more
2 pers. 340 € per pers.
3 pers. 260 € per pers.
4 pers. 220 € per pers.
5 pers. 200 € per pers.
6 pers. 180 € per pers.
7 pers. 180 € per pers.
8 pers. 180 € per pers.

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