About us Loire Valley


« Offering guided tours of Loire castle region is no fun... »

How many times did we hear that sentence when we decided to launch Olaloire?

For us, visiting Loire castle area is the best way to experience the French way of life. How?

Enjoy an aperitif with the most breathtaking view of a castle in front of you,

Learn thousands of anecdotes on how the kings and the royal court used to live at that time (now, this is definitely funny!),

Share a day or half a day with fellow visitors, led by Lara, Agathe and Daphné, our 100% local experts who will convey to the group their passion for their home region,

Visit must-see castles and discover the beauty and intimacy of more secret ones,

Step off the beaten path and enjoy the best views over castles or Loire Valley landscapes,

Take all the landmarks we give you and you won’t miss any of it.

Discovering Loire Valley with Olaloire, means spoiling you with a fun, unique, and genuine experience … that you would never get by yourself.