Chateau de Villesavin tour in Loire Valley

This Château de Villesavin is one of the smallest castles of the Loire Valley but defintely not the less charming!


Still inhabited byt the Count and Countess of Spare, this human-sized Chateau welcomes guests for a Cote_Azur lunch at the Count’s table.


With its Renaissance or almost classical style, the Villesavin castle beautifully combines majesty with a more countryside touch, and offers a unique and well-preserved welcoming place for visitors.


Built in 1527 for Jean Le-Breton, the finance secretary for King Francis I, Château de Villesavin is nicknamed the “Chambord’s construction site shack”.


Indeed, the owner was in charge of the huge construction work for Chateau de Chambord and had a road built in the middle of nowhere through the Boulogne forest to link directly the two castles. He apparently also took advantage of the workers and craftsmen working on Chambord site to build his own Chateau.


A must-see : the magnificent Chapel decorated with restored frescoes and the small oratory hidden behind some railings, which is said to be the private praying place for Marie de Medeci who did not like to mingle with the rest of the faithful. You should also take some time to visit the wedding museum, gathering more that 1500 objects including 350 wedding crowns still under their glass cover... quite moving for anyone!