Chateau de Chenonceau tour in Loire Valley

The “Ladies’ castle” is one of the Loire Valley’s extraordinary gems. It is particularly well-known for its gallery bridge on the Cher River and its gardens, symbol of fierce rivalry between Diane de Poitier and Catherine de Medici, who both contributed to the embellishment of Chenonceau.  


A visit of the chateau and its numerous rooms will immerse you in French History as much as in the intimate secrets and annecdotes of all the great figures who lived there.


It is surprising and fascinating to discover Château de Chenonceau : the 5 queens’ bedroom in which both Queen Margot or Mary Stuart lived, the incredibly well-preserved kitchen, the Chapel, which was transformed into a wood storehouse to avoid destruction during the French Revolution, or Louise de Lorraine’s bedroom, strickingly petriefied in a strange mourning atmosphere.


Its unique and theatre-like location over the Cher River fully contributes to its reputation. Rumour has it that Diane de Poitier would often swim totally naked under one of the bridge arches... Quite a deligthful sight for all the cooks staring from the kitchen windows!


Don’t forget that besides being a majestic and beautiful monument, Chenonceau was also the center of power in France: at the death of King Henri II, Catherine de Medici evicted Diane de Poitier and took her quarters there, ensuring France Kingdom’s regency from her small green study for almost 15 years.


Today, Château de Chenonceau is one of the most visited monuments in France, attracting big history fans as much as passionate gardeners.

Indeed, all the rooms of Château de Chenonceau are beautifully decorated and enlightened with refined flower arrangements freshly cut daily direct from the gardens.