Our story A la Francaise

The A La Française family is brand new. Well...not exactly!

The story begins is 2010 in Bordeaux, when Pierre-Jean, who honestly didn't know much about tourism, finds it unacceptable that all these magnificent Châteaux are completely closed to the public. Indeed, a few of them where already hosting visitors but the speech that was given was highly technical and somewhat pompous. For goodness' sake! Wine is suppose to be pleasure, conviviality, sharing, passion and meaningful encounters! And this is how Bordovino was born, which, thanks to our dream team, offers to visitors mostly coming from overseas, unforgettable moments during a full or half day tour spent with us. Little by little, the Bordovino family got bigger: we conquered the Loire Valley, then we met Matthias in Champagne, a terroir entrepreneur with whom we shared and still share our idea of what should be tourism. And now, here we are in Burgundy and Provence.. Just wait for our new destination!

Can you just imagine our everyday life? days spent with our dear clients, always in small groups, wandering around in surreal landscapes. Hard work, right?!

Our clients? They're curious, open-minded and come from all over the world! We always do our very best to have them discovering the best of our regions: our culture, our history, our landscapes, our wines, our gastronomy. All together we share timeless moments, keeping in mind our main goal: making this experience the highlight of their French excursion. Yep, that's our everyday life! (and this is when we start loosing a few readers that are already looking for the "work with us" page;)

When you'll hop on one of our minivans, we commit ourselves to:

- Give you access to an experience you won't regret a single part of and that you would not have been able to live without us: passionate people, charming landscapes and unbelievable views, lunch and apéritifs in unique private spots, hundreds of special attentions...

- Make you laugh (the success rate of our jokes is 62.3% ;)

- Get you to discover our beautiful region, our culture, good products and wines. With us you'll discover, you'll share, drink, eat and laugh. The good life !!

All of this would not be possible without our dream team. What brings us together? our passion for travelling, leaving and finally coming back to settle down in our elegant France. We have the love of others, the love of sharing and a thirst for new encounters. In short, we already love you guys!

Our team wouldn't be complete without our loyal minivans: Cris, Doug, Esteban, Derick, Junior, Olabus, Locky, Didier and many others that go rolling and hard working 24/7 and never ever complaining. Well done gentlemen!