Work with us Champagne


A La Française Champagne only asks one thing from its team : perfection. 

If this word frightens you, it might be because you are, so it seems, a normal person. 

Because everyone knows: no one is perfect, no even us ! On the other hand, no one can deny that:


Our smiles are perfectly sincere,


Our enthousiasm is perfectly shared,


Our humour is perfectly mastered (according to a reliable source, our Champagne team's jokes' success rate is higher than other regions of the A La Française group - a Champagne impact ?),


Our punctuality and our watch are perfectly synchronized,


Our english is perfectly understandable (even if perfectly faltered on Monday mornings),


And our producers' Champagnes are perfectly sparkling ! 


If you too, have decided to reach the perfection (or to try to approach it) and to let us enjoy it, then do not hesitate to apply for our offers in order to join the A La Française adventure, in or company full of perfect imperfections which make our team friendly and solid !



Before joining us, you will have to go through a few steps, which will allow us to be sure to find the perfect candidate. 


1 - Send your application to the following address:

With your CV, clarifying your english level, your trips and passions,... Also write down that you have your driving licence. 

Also your cover letter, one page length maximum. Why are you the candidate that we need ? 


2 - In the next 10 days,

You will receive a phone call from us to propose you an interview. Or an email to announce you a terrible new... 


3 - Do we get along ? 

Then we will get to know each others better, we invite you to participate to one of our tours. Nothing better than being on the ground with the clients to meet you. And of course to know if you like it. 


4 - One last quick interview with Matthias



You are the ideal person to reinforce the perfection of our team, we rely on you !

Get a glimpse to our offers to join the adventure ! 


Take a look at our offers to join the adventure !