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Come and discover the Champagne region where the famous sparkling wine from the same name is produced, a region which is worth visiting! 

Main Champagne Houses or small producers, you won’t miss the diversity, to please you and convince you never to leave again. Because once discovered, the Champagne region will have you trapped in its nets, and for good! 

The entire world’s favourite sparkling vine is produced in the Champagne region and nowhere else, for several reasons:              

  • The chalk: 

Indeed, Champagne’s grounds are mostly chalky, and this is essential for the vineyards to grow. This highly porous ground acts as a reservoir and stores water from the rain within itself, allowing the vineyards to feed from it, even during the driest summers. Furthermore, chalk brings a mineral taste, unique and beyond compare, which you can only find here! Did you know that this chalk of Champagne actually comes from a tropical sea which used to be there around 40 million years ago?! 

  • The climate: 

The climate of Champagne is also an essential piece which allows our vineyards to grow and our grapes to ripen since its features are very special. Indeed, the vines are planted at the northernmost limits of their cold tolerance and it is a factor of freshness and acidity, which allows Champagne to age and to offer every little bit of its potential. 

Moreover, the second typical feature of our region is its double climate, mostly oceanic but with continental tendencies. This complex weather pattern distinguishes the Champagne viticultural zone from the other terroirs and gives it a unique taste. 

  • Vineyard planted on hillside: 

Sloping vineyards are so much a feature of Champagne that in the 17th century, our famous sparkling drink was known as ‘vin de coteaux’ (wine of the slope). The undulating to moderately steep terrain creates ideal vineyard sites that combine good drainage with excellent exposure to sunlight. 

All of these elements make our region the ideal host to vineyards designed for Champagne production, allowing our local drink to be unique and delicious, to produce happiness and to be magic! 

Of course, all places in the Champagne region aren’t ideally spoilt by these advantages, that’s why some sub-regions are nowadays well-known and much more used than others for vineyard planting:

  • La Montagne de Reims (Reims Mountain):

It is a plateau of 288m high, and its soil is a veritable layer cake of chalk, clay, sand and limestone, perfect for the development of Champagne vineyards. About 60% of Pinot Noir are planted there. 

  • La Côte des Blancs:

As its name suggests, the Côte des Blancs is an exclusively white appellation, with the Chardonnay planted as a stand-alone varietal, except in Vertus, in the south, where we find Pinot Noir. The chalk-covered ridge of la Côte des Blancs is where the Chardonnay finds its finest expression.

  • La Vallée de la Marne:

It is the biggest region of the Champagne region, and it extends on both sides of the Marne river, on a damp soil composed of clay and limestone perfectly adapted for the Pinot Meunier, which is mainly planted there. 

Finally, the Champagne region, apart from its sparkling nectar, distinguishes itself also by its unavoidable touristic sites!

  • Reims :

Whether it is its famous cathedral, massive and with a complex story, or the Halles of Boulingrin, symbol of the future and of the reconstruction of the city after the ravages of the First World War, the Palace of Tau, or the St Rémi Basilica : Reims is full of culture and history which you will have a pleasure to discover during your visit ! 

  • Epernay:

30km south of Reims, the city of Epernay is nicknamed the Capital of Champagne, since it is considered as the geographical center of the Champagne vineyard. Within the city is the famous Avenue of Champagne where well-known Champagne Houses like Moët&Chandon, Pol Roger or Perrier Jouët have established. This avenue is considered as one of the richest in the world thanks to the tens of kilometers of cellars that lie underneath the ground. 

  • The famous villages of the Champagne region:

Hautvillers, Verzenay, Verzy, Louvois, Bouzy, Tour sur Marne, Aÿ, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ… will offer you wonderful landscapes of the vineyards, beautiful architectural places, but also of course many occasions to taste Champagne! 

Do not hesitate anymore, come meet our local expert team, and discover the secrets of the Champagne. United by our shared values of conviviality, authenticity and elegance « à la Française », we will do everything in order to make your visit memorable! Our ultimate goal, shared by the whole team of our group, is simply to make you happy :) . And in this quest, Champagne is always a good starting point!