Abbey of Sénanque

The Senanque Abbey has become one of the symbols of Provence because it’s a topic of postcard! This Cistercian abbey from the 12th century still is occupied by monks today, who live thanks to tourism and lavender agriculture.

The place became famous thanks to the beautiful lavender field situated around the abbey. It’s since 1960 than the monks started to cultivate what we called «the blue gold» of Provence and it makes of the area a very peaceful place.

You will enjoy the serenity and the beauty of the landscape walking around the abbey and the fields. Inside you can also appreciate a large bookstore with cultural and religious works but also the different products elaborated by the monks such as lavandin essential oil, perfume and lavender honey…

If the abbey is one of the highlights of your trip you must know that you can visit the inside of the building to discover the architecture and the life of the monks. Inside you can discover the former dormitory, the church, the cloister, the chapter-hall and the warming room.

Blooming season: from middle June to end of July.