Work with us A la Francaise Provence


You speak perfect English and you’ve had your driving licence for at least 3 years ? YES! 

On we go:



Cheerful: YES / NO

Outgoing: YES / NO

Punctual: YES / NO

Meticulous: YES / NO


If you answered YES to all of the questions, that’s great! Next step:

Do you have a guide-lecturer licence (necessary for some of our job offers)?

Do you speak a third language (necessary for some of our job offers)?

Now it’s time to narrow down the questions

You have done a round the world trip but your true love is for the "the art of French living"

You have some good jokes up your sleeve and you want to hear those of your colleagues.

You are from here and there, but you have been living in the region for a while and Provence has become your home.

You like tapenade, Pastis, creeks, and the scent of umbrella pine trees

You are convinced that smiling for at least 3 hours a day helps you to live longer.


... There’s little doubt about it, you're in the right place. The jobs we have to offer are based in Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

Before joining our team, you will have to go through a few steps, just to be sure that you’re the right person for the job.

The recruitment process is identical for all of our regions, whether it be for a job in Provence or in any of the other A la Française! regions!

1- Send off your application form to the following address:, along with:

Your CV, specifying your level of English, your travel experiences, your passions, your diplomas ... And remember to let us know when you passed your driving licence.

Your covering letter, (no more than 1 page). Let us know what makes you different. Watch out, we like sincere and heartfelt letters.

2- Within 10 days,

You’ll either get a phone call from us offering you a preliminary interview, often by Skype, or an email filling you in on some terrible news…

3- If things go well, you will then be invited in for a second interview at our agency where you will get to meet 2 team members.

4- We get along?

In that case, to get to know each other even better, we’ll invite you to take part in one of our tours. Nothing better than getting down to it with the clients. And just to make sure you like it.


We’ll prepare you a gourmet breakfast to welcome you to the team!

(you want to be appreciated by the other members, right from Day 1? A friendly tip: bring the croissants;)





Take a look at our offers to join the adventure !