On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in a typical western landscape, the great outdoors criss-crossed by bulls and wild horses constitute a fully-fledged universe. Land of tradition, camarguaise race and the gypsies pilgrimage rhythm life throughout the year. The Camargue, located in the Delta of the Rhone, biggest delta in Europe covering 150 000 acres, has appeared in his actual form 7000 years ago thanks to sand and loam that was brought by the waters of the river. The mixed actions of the freshwater of the river and the salty one of the sea created this mosaic of lagoons separated by canals. A big dyke was built in 1859 protect the delta from the floods, from where we can watch today a great number of species of birds, such as aigrettes, herons and the famous pink flamingo that we can see all year long in the rich lagoons.