Fontaine de Vaucluse

The name Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, comes from the spring located between the village and a cliff of the Vaucluse's mountains. This spring is the fifth most important in the world: it is the mother of the Sorgue river who is crossing the town in a beautiful web of water. The sky of Provence is blue like the sea, it doesn't share its rain often, which explains why the water became an important symbol of life in this country. Many civilizations live up next to this spring.

The Greek civilization was already there before the Romans, and build an aqueduct. The paper mills from the fifteenth century are still giving their charms to the town's shores, as much as the castle of the 12th century.

In this village the water is everywhere, it carries a legendary folklore of dragons and fairies, its color is clear like the crystal, and we can hear it singing in every streets and feel it in the green nature of the village. Across the ages, the human's constructions and the wild nature mixed with each other around the river to give us today this enchanting and refreshing place.

It's not a coincidence if Pétrarque, one of the most important poets of the Renaissance, chose this place as his sanctuary where he lived for sixteen years.