Thanks to its natural harbor, Marseille, the ancient city of Massalia was an important shipping port for the Phoceans. Remnants of its ancient maritime history can still be seen at the Jardin des Vestiges. The oldest part of the city situated on the northern side of the port was the site of a walled settlement which included temples, theatres, amphitheaters and market places. Today it is the disctrict of Le Panier with its narrow streets, shaded squares, terraced restaurants and artisanal shops. A melting pot of cultures, this vibrant city is France's biggest port on the Mediteranean Sea and the country’s second largest city after Paris.Thanks to important investments in transportation, leisure and cultural infrastructures, the city renewed itself becoming in 2013 the European capital of culture. The city also opened the now famous MUCEM and the Mediterranean Villa, reinforcing its position as a top tourist destination.