The Popes' Palace

Symbol of the city of Avignon, the Popes' Palace emerges above the houses like a stone ship in the middle of the Rhone River. Built by two of the nine popes who lived in the city during the Middle Ages, the Old Palace and the New Palace became the administrative, religious and economic heart of Christianity for 100 years. This fortress offers austere facades which keep the most beautiful medieval jewels in its midst. The wooden ceilings, Italian frescos of the greatest artists of the time and medieval tiles will bring you to the splendor of the papacy. From papal residence to military barracks, you will discover the tumults that have marked the history of this building by visiting the 25 rooms open to the public. Every summer, the whole palace becomes once again the setting of artistic creation by hosting performances of the Festival d'Avignon giving it back its place as cultural capital.