Welcome in Roussillon, one of the most beautiful villages in France and who likes to boast about its originality. In Provence this village is a rebel and does not want to be like the others. Gradually as we are approaching the village, the lands and the hills become full of colors. Every houses are red, orange or yellow. A local legend explains that the ground of this country became red like blood after a terrible and tragic love story, and an another one tells us that the Titans burned the ground to punish the inhabitants for their disobedience... But whatever the story, today the small village of Roussillon is shining with provocation on all of the Luberon. It's the ochre who give this r0ed color to the ground since one hundred ten million year. The Greek and the Roman civilization already used the ochre to paint their pottery, but it's during the eighteenth century that Roussillon became a real Eldorado; the painters and the dyers are attracted by the color. Today the mines of ochre are closed, but the artists are still here, perhaps because each view in Roussillon seems to be an inspiring image. In fact the reality about the colors of the village doesn't come from the gods, but from the desire of the inhabitants to keep their old traditions, that why each of them is proud to paint the walls of their houses with the colors of their land.