Located on the southern side of Mont Ventoux, the highest mountain of Provence with its 1900 meters, Sault is a scenic village whose history dates back to the medieval times. Built on a rock spur, the village dominates the plateau that takes its name, where, in summer, the gold of wheat melts with the blue of lavender. At one hour and fifteen minutes driving from Avignon and one and forty-five minutes from Aix-en-Provence, it is the ideal starting point for exploring the Mont Ventoux. In the middle of one of the most beautiful countryside of Provence, the village is known for fine lavender. Actually, the average altitude of the limestone plateau that surrounds it, between 800 and 1000 meters on the level of the sea, favors the cultivation of fine lavender, which does not grow below such altitudes. Thus, between July and August, while driving on its roads, one goes to discover the fine lavender fields, with incredible colors and smells, between the hilly areas and the large spaces of the plateau, possibly visiting of one of the family farms that produces and distills the "blue gold of Provence" around the village.