Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh left Auvers sur Oise in 1888 and settled in the city of Arles. He fell in love with the light and the vibrant colors of south of France. In Arles he received the visit of his friend Paul Gauguin; they both painted a lot, like The Sunflowers and The Bedroom. But their cohabitation ended with the well-known incident of the cut of his ear after a fight…Vincent was cured in the hospital of Arles for a month, and after his neighbors refused him to get back to his yellow house Place Lamartine. So he decided to settle in Saint Remy, in the asylum of Saint Paul de Mausole. In this old monastery, that can be visited today, he found inner peace for about a year and painted the worldwide famous Irises. In Provence you can follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh in the city of Arles and Saint Remy, were reproductions of his masterpieces were placed at the exact location where they were painted!