Settled on the left bank of the Rhone river, Avignon is one of the few French cities that kept its ramparts, protecting its historic center embellished by many architectural beauties such as the impressive Popes' Palace, one of the largest and most important Middle Age's Gothic buildings. The majestic Rocher des Doms, a rocky spur surrounded by its green garden that offers a panoramic overview above the Rhone river. And also the famous Pont d'Avignon (Saint-Bénézet Bridge), main witness of the history of the city, now classified on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The papal city is the perfect reflection of the way of life in Provence: walk into the narrow cobblestones streets, cafés exposed to the sun, lots of local restaurants and theaters, colorful landscape and regional wines…

The Popes' city is also the Côtes du Rhone capital: a register designation of origin (AOC) wine, produced on the right and left riverbanks between Vienna and Avignon.

Every summer, the city is punctuated by the festival d'Avignon, founded in September 1947 by Jean Vilar. Before, the festival was only a simple week of dramatical art, but nowadays, it has become the largest theatrical and live show event in France.