Les Baux de Provence

You cannot miss the visit of the village of Les Baux de Provence during your trip in the region. The village has been classified as one of the most beautiful village of France thanks to its astonishing situation and its medieval architecture. Situated on the top of a crag of 245 meters high, the village offers a 360° view over the Alpilles mountains, the national park of Camargue and the territory of Arles.

During your tour in the village you will enjoy the narrow-paved streets, the medieval houses made with limestone with carved decorations, the private mansions from 16th and 17th centuries and of course its castle. This castle dates from 11th to 13th century and is now classified as an historical monument as one part of the building is troglodyte. Even if the castle is partly destroyed, the site organizes lots of events and reconstitution from medieval jobs during weekends and school holidays.

The village is also full of small handcraft shops, cafés and restaurants. Don’t miss the local specialties such as tapenade, olive oil and wine « Côtes des Alpilles ». From the mountain called « Valley of Hell » you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the village and the rocks around. Thanks to natural erosion the rocks have unusual shape sometimes looking like fantastic animals. This place would have inspired the poet Dante for his representation of hell in the poem called « Divine Comedy ».

To finish, don’t forget to see « Les Carrières de Lumière », a fascinating light show unique in the world where pieces of art are projected in very big dimensions onto the walls, the floor and the ceiling of a former quarry of limestone. Every year the topic is different, this year the show is about Salvador Dali. Not to be missed!