Wine tasting workshops

Become a wine expert in 2 hours thanks to a casual tasting class! You are looking for a class to understand the complicated Bordeaux wines but also the French wines in general? You found it !

The program

Break the code of wine tasting through the colour, aromas, nose, taste etc...


Tour de France of wines: through a tasting of 4 wines from the 4 main wine regions of France, discover the wines from France, their diversity and the notions of « terroir » and « appellation ».


Blending workshop: Bordeaux wines are blends made up with various types of grapes (Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot...). Taste each grape separately and according to your own taste, create your very own cuvée!


Organize these workshops in the brand new museum "la Cité du Vin" launched in 2016 (option).


Number of guests

Between 20 and 300.




You can still call us from Monday to Sunday (9am - 6pm, local time)

+33 5 57 30 04 27


Other tours available