Work with us

You are 100% fluent in English with a sweet French accent.

You’ve seen the whole world but you’d rather go blind than give up on the French «art de vivre »

You enjoy Carambars as much as the crappy jokes inside.

You are from wherever, but you have been living in Bordeaux for a while and you have the region in your skin.

You are a pro, trustworthy, on time, reliable and meticulous. Yes, we mean all of it.

You have been driving and singing loud in your car for more than two years, so driving a minivan will be a piece of cake for you.

Okay, face it, you are not an expert on malolactic fermentation... but you do enjoy sharing a glass of wine with friends.

You know that smiling at least 3 hours a day keeps the doctor away.


…. So come along then and work with us at A la Française Bordeaux!


No skipping. Before you join, you need to beat a few levels, so that we know you are THE ONE.

1- Drop us a job application with:

A résumé, including your English level, type of driving license, travels and passions...

A cover letter: make it short and strike with whatever makes the difference. But watch out, we spot a fake as quickly as a corky wine!

2- Within less than 2 weeks,

you will get a phone call to arrange an interview. Or maybe an email saying thank you for investing the time to apply bla bla... and we wish you success in your job search blabla...

3- You come, we meet, we talk.

About your previous jobs but mostly about what keeps you going in life.

4- If we are getting on well,

you will be our guest for one of our tours. Nothing is better that a real face to face contact with customers to see if it works out for us, and to make sure you like it too.

5- A final quick interview with Pierre-Jean and you’re in.


We get the croissants for a welcoming breakfast...
mind you, if you want to be part of the team even more quickly, guess what you have to do now....



Take a look at our offers to join the adventure !