Who killed the owner of the château, with which weapon, and why?

The program

Bordovino Events invites you to live a moment with your team not like any other one: play the role of the detective for an afternoon in a castle. With your team investigate in all the rooms of the castle and in the park.

Question the passerby in order to find the culprit. Be careful... he/she may still hides somewhere at the domain. Play cluedo in the casle following a funny and exciting scenario which requires the active participation of all the guests. The game is animated by a troupe of actors who play their role at 200%. Count on them to give a lot of spice to your activity.

At the end of the afternoon, the teams will gather together, share their results and the identity of the curpit will be revealed. 

Will you know how to unmask him/her?

Number of guests: From 30 to 100 people

Duration: 2:30 hours

You can still call us from Monday to Sunday (9am - 6pm, local time)

+33 5 57 30 04 27

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