Blending workshop

Discover the art of blending wine as we do in Bordeaux and create your own cuvée!

The program

Blending workshop


For a few minutes, become a winemaker and make your own cuvee! Bordeaux is making famous red blended wines with different varietals. Taste side by side the two king varietals of Bordeaux, Cabernet and Merlot, and figure out which one is your favorite. How to recognize them? What words define them? The participants will be able, after tasting them, to blend these wines and create their own cuvée.



For all those who feel slightly lost in front of the huge diversity of French wines when choosing a decent bottle from their local wine shop.

For all those who love wine, but feel a little confused by the complexity of French wines. For all those who, whilst in Bordeaux, would like to perfect their wine knowledge during a friendly and informative lesson.


Make your own cuvée, wander through the vineyards, have a cooking lesson at the chateau…All of our tours offer special and exciting activities that will allow you to discover, participate and taste! Learn, have fun and savour !


Number of guests

From 8 and 30



1.30 hours 

You can still call us from Monday to Sunday (9am - 6pm, local time)

+33 5 57 30 04 27


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